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Generally though, talent will prevail and those with the appropriate experience and skills are most likely to succeed.If you have already put in some seriously hard graft for your career and are ready to start out on your own, we've set out a few tips...A wise, old editor of mine used to say 'report it out.' She meant 'go talk to people, don't rely on your own opinions and judgment.' It's a good maxim.One of my rules of thumb is to do one interview for each 250-500 words of final copy.But it’s nothing a little hard work and dedication can’t fix.We speak to a news reporter and a sport journalist to find out what it really takes to work in the industry.

Select an article from our index to learn about a tool or issue, or check out one of our playlists to take a guided tour through a new set of skills.Firstly, the best people to give you advice are those that have been freelance for a few years.If you already know some freelance journalists, consider it an investment to take one or more of them out for lunch (freelancers are not likely to turn down a free lunch) and ask them for their insight and experience.Public records requests have been invaluable in my reporting. Other requests can illuminate how government officials conduct their affairs, such as when we found senior U. officials using alternative email accounts – raising questions about their obligations to turn over documents to lawmakers and the public. The records didn’t come easy, with one state prosecutor opposing their release and telling a judge that neither I nor the AP represented the public. Even if you’re not a lawyer, become an expert on your state’s freedom-of-information laws.My request for 911 tapes made during the Newtown, Connecticut, shootings — the subject of a lengthy legal fight — revealed how public safety officials responded to one of the worst school shootings in U. Be prepared to fight any denial; don’t “file and forget” the request.