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To perform the RAM Installation you may also need a flat place (Table) , now i am going to show you the full guide for hp notebook 15 ram upgrade below. here we done our installation , now cover you laptop with the back cover (bottom base) and Insert your DVD writer and Battery and check the RAM is Showing on Bios or Not.

To open bios in HP Notebook notebook , first turn on your laptop and quickly press F10 button.

Press the down-arrow key to scroll through the menu until Video Memory is highlighted. Highlight the value you wish to use and press "Enter" again to accept the change.

Visit HP Support and download the HP Pavilion BIOS update program (see Resources).

Not all versions of the original BIOS for Pavilions included a video memory option, so you'll need to update the BIOS to add the option. Right-click the floppy drive (A:) and choose Format from the menu.

If you've just put in a new video card, a BIOS update is recommended. Click the check box beside Copy System Files Only and then click "OK." Leave the floppy disk in the drive and reboot your computer.

There are four small latches located in the top row of keys on the keyboard.

Because in HP Notebook 15 Series there is not any option to install the RAM directly from back.Compared to other parts on a computer, upgrading RAM is also relatively inexpensive.Read on after the jump to learn more about this relatively straightforward process.This will give you access to the BIOS on an HP system built before 2006; if you've updated the motherboard on your system or changed the processor you'll need to visit the manufacturer's website or check the reference material that came included to find the BIOS entry key.Press the right-arrow key to access the Advanced menu of your BIOS setup program.