Malika and robert kardashian dating

, we see her deal with the ups-and-downs of being a single woman and navigating the dating world.In an exclusive interview with Cupids, the positive-spirited Malika opens up about her past relationships and what she learned from them as well as her acting aspirations. It’s pretty, it’s a member of the exclusive Kardashian club, and it has drama of its own, but it also seems like it sends its emails in Comic Sans.

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“It was a moment in time and it hasn’t changed our love for one another at all, in fact Robert is in a relationship now and he’s very happy and I am happy for him.” When asked what lessons she could impart to other women who may be in a similar situation with a guy she said, “If you teeter on the line of not being in a committed relationship, then anything can happen.

I had to take 30 showers before I got with Kim." Point 2: Tyga and Blac Chyna Were Engaged With a Baby Chyna, a former stripper, featured music video extra, and owner of the "Lashed" beauty salon in Encino, appeared in the rapper's "Rack City" music video in 2011, and the two began dating. Point 3: Kim and Blac Chyna Were, Like, Totally BFF Back in 20, Kim and Chyna were close. Like, Instagram selfies close -- and in Kardashian nation, isn't that as close as you can get?

Anyway, the two eventually had a falling out (you'll understand why shortly), though Chyna tried to brush it off in 2015, telling TMZ, "Kim not bad.

We can only pray that their love is solid enough to withstand the knowledge that Rob and Kylie are both having sex with people who share a child.

Sadly, Chyna has larger issues to worry about, like Rob being too much of a “mama’s boy.” While driving with her friends, Chyna laughs with the group about how much Rob depends on Kris.