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Algumas de suas ações podem desvendar segredos deste jogo, fique atento.Category: Dating Games Description: Galaxy Angel is a dating game that takes place far off in the future and in space.

This, of course, is supposed to be funny and comedic. Each episode generally has one girl with our main guy who tries her best to charm him through something. this show is yet another doinky anime based on a dating sim, probably a hentai one.Unsurprisingly a bunch of girls begin to show up and try to have Junichi fall in love with them.Asakura Junichi is a young boy who lives on the island of Hatsune, an island where the cherry blossoms are always in bloom (yeah...). And to make him "unique" and "kewl", he has some special powers, which consist of making sweets with his hands (woooow, cooool-not) and seeing other people's dreams for no apparent reason. And then more arrive, all of them infatuated with Junichi. And on top of that, he has some fuzzy feelings about her and she has some fuzzy ones for him.