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It is also providing 30 megabyte data credit for Rs10 with a validity of 24 hours.

NEW DELHI: Telecom operators Bharti Airtel and Vodafone have relaxed bill payment dates by three days for postpaid accounts following rush at banks due to demonetisation scheme announced by the government.

Supported by a sold out crowd, the 2017 Vodafone Pacific Music Awards were held on Thursday 1 June at the Sir Wool Fisher Arena, Vodafone Events Centre.

The Vodafone Pacific Music Awards, celebrate Pacific music and the theme for the 2017 awards was: "Nurturing the growth of our young shoots, we tell our own stories, we sing our own songs."The evening began with a spectacular and beautiful opening performance by SUPA (Saintz Up Performing Arts).

It is also providing 30 MB data credit for Rs 10 with a validity of 24 hours.

open eir is committed to delivering superfast fibre broadband to the 300,000 homes marked on the coverage map by the end of 2018.

The homes that are not marked in this map will be able to access to high speed broadband through the National Broadband Plan.

Data last updated 25/06/17 Next Update 14/08/17 This means that your premise is located in an area which is currently, or will be, served with high-speed broadband through our Fibre broadband, providing superfast broadband in these areas of up to 100 megabits per second.

Each cabinet boosts broadband speeds for approximately 200 premises in its vicinity.