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You may have been abused by a member of your family and that if you have disclosed the abuse that your family members have closed ranks and may have accused you of making it up.It can be easier to blame the survivor than face the fact that someone within the family has abused you.You may find that you have enormous difficulty in maintaining loving and trusting relationships, you may have low sense of worth and low self esteem, you may suffer from sexual difficulties and depression.In order to try and block out the abuse and to cope you may be drinking heavily, taking drugs, self harming, suffering from eating disorders and may feel suicidal.

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But not only women experience sexual harassment at work.There are frank descriptions of sexual encounters, but it is not erotica, as it is simply that the whole book is written with this bare frankness that never flinches. She shows no ego at all in her witting, and this shows most in what is the most fascinating part, and core of the book, which is of an almost obsessive love.The memoir reads like snapshots of streams of thought, predominantly by the main character.They may feel like their partner shouts at them a lot or makes them feel bad, but think ‘abuse’ would be too ‘dramatic’ a word to use.But the point of whether behaviour is abusive is how it makes you feel.