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“A rowdier scene existed among the younger cast members — untethered, far from home, and often in need of blowing off steam,” writes Martin.

The 47-year-old actor who portrays Father Gabriel Stokes in the hit AMC show discussed the upcoming season last weekend at the Chiller Theater Expo in Parsippany, New Jersey, according to an article on Thursday by Toofab.

Filming for season six of “The Walking Dead” was under way in nearby Senoia, Georgia.

Gilliam’s trouble with the law might not be too shocking.

His other films include Private Sugar Watkins in the year 1997 and Sergeant Altemeyer in the year 1996.With the emerging accessibility of social media and internet, people now days openly publicize their day to day activities followed by their relationship status.But there still exist few people like actor Seth Gilliam who prefer to expose their professional life and hide their personal life in a proportionate manner.Gilliam was pulled over for driving 107 mph in a 55-mph zone, according to police.He was arrested after police discovered a marijuana cigarette in his car.