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Family Finance Whether a woman is a homemaker, career-driven, married or single, handling personal finances is a skill that everyone needs to know, and yet is no longer taught in most schools.In 2010, Americans owed over 2,400 billion dollars in consumer debt.Georgia first rolled out its work requirements for the food stamp program in three counties in January 2016.Since then, the state has expanded work requirements in an additional 21 counties, giving people in those 21 counties until April 1, 2017 to find a job or lose food stamp benefits.

When first introduced in the late 1800s, these classes helped girls prepare for life on the farm helping their families.

The first step is to measure how much the policy increases (or decreases) the federal budget deficit.

As explained in Bivens (2010), when the economy has idle resources, increases in the deficit boost spending and economic activity.

Brandon Hanick, who represents the progressive advocacy group Better Georgia, says people with mental health problems, limited education, and the physically disabled would have trouble trying to provide proof of their inability to meet the work requirements. “We’re talking about one of the most basic needs — the need for food.” State Rep.

Greg Morris (R-Vidalia), on the other hand, says that the decrease in food stamp recipients means that the work requirements are helping people become less dependent on government handouts.