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When I challenged him, he was embarrassed and then defensive saying it was just harmless flirting and that he had not gone over any line.

I still feel really unhappy about what he has done.

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For non-urgent attention, please send us an e-mail here, making sure to include your contact details.Up until this, I thought things were okay in our marriage, though of course we haven’t had much couple time with the demands of four children but this discovery has come as a bolt out of the blue.It wouldn’t have been as bad if he was just accessing porn, as I know men do this, but the fact that he was talking to other people has really disgusted me.Within a couple of hours, the photo has received over 1000 likes on their Facebook page.Crucially though, the fact that it remained in the bar meant that whoever it was intended for either lost it last night… It seems we’ll never know how this Shakespearean romance played out.