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Allard, Julie "Le Personnage En Politique: Secret Et Apparence Chez Hannah Arendt." Personne/Personnage. "Performative Agency." Journal of Cultural Economy 3.2 (2010): 147-61.

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This journal and the field of Persona Studies is designed to serve as a site for this essential work of comprehending, analysing, and critiquing persona, and to allow disciplines to intersect, exchange ideas, and debate the play of persona historically and in contemporary culture.

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This introduction and this journal make the claim that both in a pervasive way and to a pandemic extent, there is enormous activity and energy in the production, construction, and exhibition of personas. “The Public and the Private Realm.” The Portable Hannah Arendt.

Something quite extraordinary has shifted over the last twenty years that has led to this intensive focus on constructing strategic masks of identity.