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The message we’re all spoon fed is that to be a noble human worthy of love you need to endlessly pursue the object of your affections, no matter how unattainable (or asleep? ), fight all of their enemies and your competition (without the consent of your possibly unconscious lover cos, like, nobody could be better for them than you!

Now, let’s just back this ass up a second here: the studios thought that a comatose woman – a ‘sleeping beauty’ – being pursued by a man who was illegitimately laying claim to her honour whilst not even awake was ‘too predatory’?

If nothing else this movie finally got me out of my self imposed duvet Bell Jar that day and made me think, ‘Well fuck me, at least I’m not that insane’.

And so, of course While You Were Sleeping has since become my all time favourite Stalker Rom-Com – a genre which wholeheartedly deserves it’s own sub-category on Netflix alone. It’ll come as a surprise to nobody to learn that this movie was initially written with a dude in mind for Sandy Bullock’s character, and a woman in the role as the comatose, submissive wife-to-be.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the release of While You Were Sleeping, a Christmas-set romantic comedy that helped to launch its young star, Sandra Bullock, to Hollywood megastardom.

The film, which co-starred Bill Pullman and Peter Gallagher, was a huge critical and commercial success, grossing 3 million worldwide.